about me

Hi, I'm Nina!

I’m a mom—a mom with two beautiful girls and a sweet little man and a wonderful husband.

Being a mom has changed me in so many wonderful ways. Perhaps one of the most dominant is the desire to create. Being a full-time working mom, it's hard to find time to do anything other than trying to keep some order in your life while maintaining sanity, but every time I finish a new project or see my family enjoy a meal created from a new recipe, I smile just a little bit brighter.

There we are! My awesome little family. My wonderful and patient husband Carl; my boisterous and sweet little Curly Girl; our little mover and shaker GiGi; and gentle little man.

...so I created this blog, my own little corner of the internet. It's a place to share my ideas, my projects, my recipes and connect with readers like you. It's a place to keep me honest with myself and find a few moments each week to do something a little creative.

What am I going to share? I’m a DIYer at heart. I love to sew. I love to cook. I love to make my home a welcoming place. I’m constantly on a path of self-improvement. I love to try new things. I hope I inspire you to bring that little something that's just "sew" you into the world and maybe you'll inspire me to do just the same.

Here goes-"thatssewnina". Join me!

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I featured your Baby Shoe Tutorial in a compilation on my blog titled 7 Ways to Use Your Snuggle Flannel Stash. You can read the post here: http://www.hillsidemomma.com/?p=107 If you'd rather not have your tut on the list, please let me know!