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cloth baby shoes: tutorial & pattern I blog post
t-shirt bib: tutorial & pattern I blog post
coffee collar: pattern I blog post
cleaning calendar: editable doc I blog post
freezer inventory: editable doc I blog post
t-shirt tote: tutorial I blog post


  1. Hi Nina. LOVE the cloth baby shoes. I am trying to download/view your pattern for them, but am having little success. When I click on the link, I get an error message that reads, "Unable to access folder with ID: 0ANlBDvAfRDyzUk9PVA. Check access permissions on the folder." Any ideas on what to do next? If not, would you mind sending me the dimension for the shoes? I can access the tutorial, but not the pattern. Thank You! ~Jordan

  2. Yes, I am having the same problem....just an pattern, no instructions....I keep getting this thing saying to download something I am not sure I need to download.

  3. Same! Can't get onto this pattern !