Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine’s Day! … not for fancy dinners or flowers or sweet words from your honey (not that those aren't great) but, to me, it’s a day meant for expressing your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. It brings back all those warm fuzzy feelings from those ridiculous but wonderful “punny” valentine cards of our elementary school days.

Since curly girl was born I’ve started an unintentional tradition of a cute Valentine’s picture turned into a card. Now that GiGi has entered the picture, I realize that these Valentine cards have meant more to me than my Christmas cards so I knew I needed to think of something extra special this year. 

Here's what I did:

Maybe it's hard to see so...

I took a picture of Curly Girl holding a sucker with her hand out. I used a utility knife to cut a slit on top and under her fist in the picture then inserted a sucker through it. I used “Stick with me, Valentine!” for her tagline.

GiGi was a much more willing model so I was able to tape a mustache cut-out on her lip (mother of the year!) Then used the old “I mustache you a question… Will you be my Valentine” for her line. I cut slits at the top and bottom of the picture so that I could attach a silly straw with a mustache hot glued on.

You can get kid cut-out cards printed at your local photo center (Walmart or Walgreens each had the option on their websites). These were only 28 cents for a set of three!

here's Curly Girl's original picture... then I cropped it tight on her face and hand to make the sucker stand out

They were definitely a hit! 

Curly Girl's Valentine pictures from the last two years:

 about three months old

15 months


this was my actual favorite picture from that photo session

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