Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Year for Little Man!

One of the great loves…and great chores… of all of my babies' first years has been monthly pictures. It started with Curly Girl when I received a set of onesie stickers at her baby shower from a good photographer friend. Each month I took a picture with whatever outfit inspired me for the month. I also tried to capture a photo with the two of us--so proud of my first babe. With GiGi, I took it up a notch with a hand decorated onesie themed by the month. With little man, I got inspiration from a pin where a mom took a picture of her little one in the same scene each month. 

I so loved the stenciled birch wall in little man's room that I chose it as the background. I grabbed a wooden rocking horse and a stuffed Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox I picked up at a craft fair just after the decision to move to Bemidji and the north woods of Minnesota, where Paul Bunyan and his blue friend serve as our mascot.

I tried to go easy on myself and buy paper mache numbers to mark the months but to no avail at the time…so I stupidly decided to make stuffed numbers out of scrap fabric. Cute but naturally became the chore I grrrrr'ed at each month as I tried to carefully time our photo session so that there was actually natural light in his small bedroom. (A task I found more difficult than I expected with the short days of northern Minnesota winters.)

Here's how the year turned out:

I can't believe how he's grown over time and how fun it has been to watch him develop. He's sweet. He's gentle. He laughs so easily. He's curious and strong. Love you, little man!