Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monthly Onesie Project: February

Oops. I realized that Friday marked March 1st so I missed getting my onesie picture up before the calendar turned. Ironically, I actually got this one done in January, then decided to wait until February to post it… then, well… February got away from me.

(Wonder what I’m talking about? Check out my post on GiGi’s previous onesies.)

My gorgeous girl turned six months! It’s been incredible watching her grow. In some ways it’s so much more precious the second time around. We get to relax and know what’s coming and appreciate every sweet minute. With curly girl, it always felt like we were rushing to the next stage—when will she hold her head up? When will she laugh? When will she crawl? When will she walk? With GiGi, we can just watch patiently and relive all those great developmental stages. (Although I won’t lie, “When will she sleep through the night?” still crosses our minds.)

So here’s my girly’s sweet six-month onesie picture:

 cute, huh? Oh, I could kiss her!

Here's how:

My quick picture tutorial on how I put together my February onesie… in the shape of a heart, duh. (Bet you can’t guess what’s coming up in March, eh?)

find an image to trace

trace it onto fusible web paper

 iron it on to your chosen fabric and cut it out

measure where you'll place it on your onesie (at least 2 inches from neck)

iron it on. I also zig-zagged around it with my machine.

choose some embelishments. I created a ribbon bow and sewed on a pink button. 

 thanks for your help, Heathcliff!

I ALSO decided to try my hand at my first pair of homemade leggings to complete the outfit. I combined a couple of great tutorials to make them by creating a pattern from a pair of store-bought pants. They turned out pretty great! The tutorial I found easiest to follow was from makeit-loveit. I didn't have a double needle for the bottom hem so I decided to make a cuff instead. 

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