Friday, April 19, 2013

The Onesie Project: March & April

I continue on with my monthly onesie project for Miss GiGi. If this is the first you've seen, check out my other two posts--the October-December and February's.

I can’t believe how quickly my baby girl is growing. Here she is eight months old already! I think this will be the last month I can get her to lay on her back for any period of time so I hope our backyard is green enough for outside May pictures.

I also tried a new idea of writing a paragraph about her development on the picture itself. Love it! Wish I would have thought of that seven months ago!

March was an obvious idea with a clover for St. Patrick's Day. For April I thought I would do a cute umbrella for an "April showers bring May flowers" theme. Ironically the very day I made this onesie we had a record-setting late winter storm and my backyard looked like this:

what?! mother nature, you have some explaining to do.

Here’s a picture tutorial on my March and April onesies:


and a cute orange heart button finishes it off!

i was inspired by a shirt curly girl got from Old Navy with a three-layer umbrella

to stick to my commitment of using materials i already have, i used this hand-me-down top that has just never worked out size & season-wise for either girly

this time i used wonder-under to stabalize my top two layers

the bottom layer was ironed on and top-stitched onto the onesie

layer two i top-stitched where the top layer would fall so the stitches would be hidden

...and one final layer stitched right down the center

the umbrella handle (made out of the onesie's trim) stitched on

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